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Welcome Aspirus Medicare Advantage Providers

The drugs listed below have corresponding medical drug policies that contain coverage criteria for how these drugs are covered by Aspirus Health Plan when billed under the member’s medical benefit. Medical drug policies are reviewed and approved by a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and are subject to change. Authorization requests should be submitted and approved prior to dispensing/administering.

Care Continuum, a subsidiary of Express Scripts, will review Medical Drug Prior Authorization requests for all Aspirus Health Plan Medicare Advantage plans.

Submit an authorization request one of the following ways:

Medicare Policies

The coverage criteria contained in the policy may not apply to Aspirus Health Plan Medicare products if Medicare requires different coverage criteria. If Medicare requires different coverage criteria, the applicable NCD or LCD will apply. Find Medical Injectable Drug Prior Authorization Resources and forms to request authorizations on our Pharmacy page.

Medical Drug Policies

Drug Name HCPCS Code Therapeutic Class
Abecma Q2055 Oncology
Abraxane J9264 Oncology
Actemra J3262 Inflammatory Conditions
Adakveo J0791 Hematology
Adcetris J9042 Oncology
Adstiladrin J9029 Oncology
Aduhelm J0172 Neurology
Aldurazyme J1931 Enzyme Replacement
Alimta J9305 Oncology
Aliqopa J9057 Oncology
Alymsys Q5126 Oncology
Amondys 45 J1426 Rare/Misc Conditions
Amvuttra J0225 Rare/Misc Conditions
Aralast NP J0256 Rare/Misc Conditions
Arzerra J9302 Oncology
Asparlas J9118 Oncology
Avastin J9035 Oncology/Biosimilar
Azedra (diagnostic and therapeutic) A9590 Oncology
Bavencio J9023 Oncology
Beleodaq J9032 Oncology
Benlysta J0490 Inflammatory Conditions
Beovu J0179 Ophthalmic Agents
Berinert J0597 Hereditary Angioedema
Besponsa J9229 Oncology
Blenrep J9037 Oncology
Blincyto J9039 Oncology
Breyanzi Q2054 Oncology
Brineura J0567 Rare/Misc Conditions
Briumvi NOC Multiple Sclerosis
Byooviz Q5124 Ophthalmic Agents
Cablivi C9047 Hematology
Carvykti Q2056 Oncology
Cerezyme J1786 Enzyme Replacement
Chorionic Gonadotropin J0725 Infertility
Cimerli NOC Ophthalmic Agents
Cimzia J0717 Inflammatory Conditions
Cinqair J2786 Immunologicals
Cinryze J0598 Hereditary Angioedema
Columvi NOC Oncology
Cortrophin Gel NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Cosela J1448 Oncology
Crysvita J0584 Rare/Misc Conditions
Cyramza J9308 Oncology
Danyelza J9348 Oncology
Darzalex J9145 Oncology
Darzalex Faspro J9144 Oncology
Duopa J7340 Rare/Misc Conditions
Durolane J7318 Viscosupplement
Elahere NOC Oncology
Elaprase J1743 Enzyme Replacement
Elelyso J3060 Enzyme Replacement
Elevidys NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Elfabrio NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Elrexfio NOC Oncology
Elzonris J9269 Oncology
Empliciti J9176 Oncology
Enhertu J9358 Oncology
Enjaymo J1302 Hematology
Entyvio J3380 Inflammatory Conditions
Epkinly C9155 Oncology
Epogen J0885 Hematology/Biosimilar
Erbitux J9055 Oncology
Erwinaze J9019 Oncology
Evenity J3111 Osteoporosis
Evkeeza C9079 Rare/Misc Conditions
Exondys 51 J1428 Rare/Misc Conditions
Eylea J1305 Ophthalmic Agents
Fabrazyme J0180 Enzyme Replacement
Fasenra J0517 Immunologicals
Firazyr J1744 Hereditary Angioedema
Fulphila Q5108 Hematology/Biosimilar
Fyarro J9331 Oncology
Fylnetra NOC Hematology/Biosimilar
Gamifant J9210 Rare/Misc Conditions
Gazyva J9301 Oncology
Gel-One J7326 Viscosupplement
Gelsyn 3 J7328 Viscosupplement
GenVisc 850 J7320 Viscosupplement
Givlaari J0223 Hematology
Glassia J0257 Rare/Misc Conditions
Granix J1447 Hematology/Biosimilar
Haegarda J0599 Hereditary Angioedema
Hemgenix J1411 Hematology
Hemlibra J7170 Hematology
Herceptin J9355 Oncology/Biosimilar
Herceptin Hylecta J9356 Oncology
Herzuma Q5113 Oncology/Biosimilar
HP Acthar J0800 Rare/Misc Conditions
Hyalgan J7321 Viscosupplement
Hymovis J7322 Viscosupplement
Ilaris J0638 Inflammatory Conditions
Ilumya J3245 Inflammatory Conditions
Imcivree NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Imfinzi J9173 Oncology
Imjudo NOC Oncology
Imlygic J9325 Oncology
Istodax J9319 Oncology
Izervay NOC Ophthalmic Agents
Jelmyto J9281 Oncology
Jemperli J9272 Oncology
Jevtana J9043 Oncology
Kadcyla C9082 Oncology
Kalbitor J1290 Hereditary Angioedema
Kanuma J2840 Enzyme Replacement
Keytruda J9271 Oncology
Kimmtrak J9474 Oncology
Krystexxa J2507 Rare/Misc Conditions
Kymriah Q2042 Oncology
Kyprolis J9047 Oncology
Lamzede NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Lanreotide J1932 Somatostatin Analog
Lartruvo J9285 Oncology
Lemtrada J0202 Multiple Sclerosis
Leqembi J0174 Rare/Misc Conditions
Leqvio J1306 Rare/Misc Conditions
Libtayo J9119 Oncology
Lucentis J2778 Ophthalmic Agents
Lumizyme J0221 Enzyme Replacement
Lumoxiti J9313 Oncology
Lunsumio NOC Oncology
Lutathera A9513 Oncology
Luxturna J3398 Rare/Misc Conditions
Margenza J9353 Oncology
Mepsevii J3397 Enzyme Replacement
Monjuvi J9349 Oncology
Monovisc J7327 Viscosupplement
Mylotarg J9203 Oncology
Naglazyme J1458 Enzyme Replacement
Neupogen J1442 Hematology/Biosimilar
Nexviazyme J0219 Enzyme Replacement
Nipent J9268 Oncology
Nivestym Q5110 Hematology/Biosimilar
Novarel J0725 Infertility
Nplate J2796 Hematology
Nucala J2182 Immunologicals
Nulibry NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Ocrevus J2350 Multiple Sclerosis
Ogivri Q5114 Oncology/Biosimilar
Omisirge NOC Oncology
Oncaspar J9266 Oncology
Onivyde J9205 Oncology
Onpattro J0222 Rare/Misc Conditions
Ontruzant Q5112 Oncology/Biosimilar
Opdivo J9299 Oncology
Opdualag J9298 Oncology
Orencia J0129 Inflammatory Conditions
Orthovisc J7324 Viscosupplement
Ovidrel NOC Infertility
Oxlumo J0224 Rare/Misc Conditions
Padcev J9177 Oncology
Panhematin J1640 Hematology/Biosimilar
Pedmark NOC Oncology
Pemetrexed NOC Oncology
Pemfexy J9304 Oncology
Pepaxto J9247 Oncology
Perjeta J9306 Oncology
Phesgo J9316 Oncology
Pluvicto A9607 Oncology
Polivy J9309 Oncology
Portrazza J9295 Oncology
Poteligeo J9204 Oncology
Pralatrexate J9307 Oncology
Pregnyl J0725 Infertility
Procrit J0885 Hematology/Biosimilar
Prolastin J0256 Rare/Misc Conditions
Proleukin J9015 Oncology
Provenge Q2043 Oncology
Qalsody C9157 Rare/Misc Conditions
Radicava J1301 Rare/Misc Conditions
Reblozyl J0896 Hemotology
Releuko Q5125 Hematology/Biosimilar
Remicade J1745 Inflammatory Conditions/Biosimilar
Renflexis Q5104 Inflammatory Conditions/Biosimilar
Revcovi NOC Enzyme Replacement
Riabni Q5123 Oncology/Biosimilar
Rituxan J9312 Oncology/Biosimilar
Rituxan Hycela J9311 Oncology
Roctavian NOC Hematology
Rolvedon NOC Hematology
Romidepsin J9318 Oncology
Ruconest J0596 Hereditary Angioedema
Rybrevant J9061 Oncology
Rylaze J9021 Oncology
Ryplazim J2998 Oncology
Rystiggo NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Sajazir J1744 Hereditary Angioedema
Sandostatin J2353 Somatostatin Analog
Saphnelo J0491 Lupus
Sarclisa J9227 Oncology
Scenesse J7352 Rare/Misc Conditions
Simponi Aria J1602 Inflammatory Conditions
Skyrizi IV NOC Inflammatory Conditions
Skysona NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Soliris J1300 Rare/Misc Conditions
Spevigo NOC Inflammatory Conditions
Spinraza J2326 Rare/Misc Conditions
Spravato G2082, G2083 Rare/Misc Conditions
Stelara IV J3358 Inflammatory Conditions
Stelara SC J3357 Inflammatory Conditions
Stimufend Q5127 Hematology/Biosimilar
Sunlenca J1961 Rare/Misc Conditions
Supartz FX J7321 Viscosupplement
Susvimo J2779 Ophthalmic Agents
Syfovre J2781 Ophthalmic Agents
Sylvant J2860 Oncology
SynoJoynt J7331 Viscosupplement
Synribo J9262 Oncology
Takhzyro J0593 Hereditary Angioedema
Talvey NOC Oncology
Tecartus Q2053 Oncology
Tecentriq J9022 Oncology
Tecvayli NOC Oncology
Tegsedi NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Tepezza J3241 Rare/Misc Conditions
Tezspire J2356 Immunologicals
Tivdak J9273 Oncology
Tremfya J1628 Inflammatory Conditions
Triluron J7332 Viscosupplement
TriVisc J7329 Viscosupplement
Trodelvy J9317 Oncology
Trogarzo J1746 Rare/Misc Conditions
Tysabri J2323 Multiple Sclerosis
Tzield NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Ultomiris J1303 Rare/Misc Conditions
Unituxin NOC Oncology
Uplizna J1823 Rare/Misc Conditions
Vabysmo J2777 Ophthalmic Agents
Valrubicin J9153 Oncology
Vectibix J9303 Oncology
Vegzelma NOC Oncology/Biosimilar
Viltepso J1427 Rare/Misc Conditions
Vimizim J1322 Enzyme Replacement
Visco-3 J7321 Viscosupplement
Vpriv J3385 Enzyme Replacement
Vyepti J3032 Rare/Misc Conditions
Vyjuvek NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Vyondys 53 J1429 Muscular Dystrophy
Vyvgart J9332 Neurology
Vyvgart Hytrulo NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Vyxeos J9357 Oncology
Xenpozyme NOC Rare/Misc Conditions
Xiaflex J0775 Rare/Misc Conditions
Xolair J2357 Immunologicals
Yervoy J9228 Oncology
Yescarta Q2041 Oncology
Yondelis J9352 Oncology
Zaltrap J9400 Oncology
Zemaira J0256 Rare/Misc Conditions
Zepzelca J9223 Oncology
Ziextenzo Q5120 Hematology/Biosimilar
Zolgensma J3399 Rare/Misc Conditions
Zulresso J1632 Rare/Misc Conditions
Zynlonta J9359 Oncology
Zynteglo NOC Hematology
Zynyz J9345 Oncology